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Monster Robot Hero City Battle Free Download

Monster Robot Hero City Battle Are you able to fight in heroes battles as a monster legend. Welcome to a fashionable artistic movement automaton battle survival game. Rework your monster cars into Robots Hero to avoid wasting town from the enemy robots. What would you be doing if strange robots attack the monster town with the backup of dangerous. Criminals and mafia can you fight back as a monster hero within the town battle to avoid wasting humanity. If affirmative slow to indicate your superb shooting, boxing, firing and offensive skills by remodeling your Monster Robot Hero.

Vehicle to large mech automaton you’re equipped with weaponizing monster trucks. Which may be remodeled into fighting steel automatons by pressing transformation robot button.

                             Monster Robot Hero City Battle

Monster Robot Hero City Battle

Grand Monster Are you ready to fight in heroes battles as a monster legend? Welcome to modern futuristic robot battle survival game.

Monster Robot Hero City Battle

Monster Robot what would you do if strange robots attack.

Monster Robot Hero City Battle

Monster Robot In the era modern futuristic robot battle plays the challenging ultimate truck transformation robot.

Monster Robot In the fashionable artistic movement automaton battle plays difficult. Final truck transformation automaton game as a true superhero your duty as a town. Hero automaton is to kill, crash and destroy all the sinister and avoid wasting civilians of vice town. Use kicks, punches, gun bullets and shoot missiles towards evil robots to cause broaden again destruction. Wherever you have got to kill for survival result of the super robots can show no concern. Monster Robot Battle create prisoners free by fighting robots with heart and combat skills.




Updated:         23 May 2017
Installs:           500,000 – 1,000,000
Current Version:          1.0
Requires Android:       2.3 and up

Offered By:         Game Bunkers

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